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Author Spotlight and Giveaway

Posted by [email protected] on June 1, 2016 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Please welcome Sheila Hudson, author of the 13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life series, as she she shares her post about life lessons. At the end of the post, check out what we're giving away.

Lesson for a Lifetime

Sheila S. Hudson

     13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life took a lifetime of experience before I was ready to pen it. First I had to live each chapter which took thirty years in campus ministry plus stints at pulpit ministry, new church ministry, and teaching at a Christian college. These combined experiences with my husband provided an insight into the lives of those I encountered.

     Ministry has its own set of frustrations and heartaches which over the long run produce patience and eventually wisdom. No other experience could have given me an education unlike any given curriculum in a university.

     My experiences include the challenge of raising a family, teaching, and ministering based on the local academic calendar. That is like living on a roller coaster. But in spite of any hardship or sacrifice God has provided blessings galore to counterbalance disappointments beyond measure. He has provided mentors, counselors, and those who’ve “stood in the gap” for us during each crisis. From what I have gleaned in life I offer in 13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life as a journey of faith. Each difficult life situation inevitably strengthens character and reveals an extra portion of God’s grace.

     The core lesson of 13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life is forgiveness. Learning to forgive has been a theme of my life beginning with forgiving a parent, forgiving theft, forgiving parties in a divorce, forgiving myself, and forgiving God. Service to God demands humility and only when I am driven out of my comfort zone do I find it. A secondary theme is generosity not only in goods but in spirit. None of the lessons in this book are easy. I have lived each one and struggled to find that hidden rainbow. But one thing I can promise. If you practice the 13 lessons learned, you will discover a life that’s filled with purpose and joy.




      An award winning writer, Sheila Hudson's byline appears on essays, travel columns, features, and humor published in multiple editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chocolate for Women series, From the Heart collection, Not Your Mother's Book series, The Book of Hope, God Allows U-Turns, and The Expressive Heart. Sheila has also been a feature writer for The Christian Standard, The Lookout Magazine, The Costumer magazine, and the Purple Pros.

      Sheila has won awards in several different genres and now turns her focus to the relationship closest to her heart-the one with her husband, Tim. In 1992 the Hudsons founded Bright Ideas as a vehicle to foster inspiration through writing, speaking, presentations, and informational media.


     In honor of Sheila and 13 Decisions series we're giving away three (3) copies of her newest book, 13 Decisions That Will Transform Your Marriage, each accompanied by a pendant-style cross bookmarker.

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Author Spotlight and Giveaway--Victoria Roder

Posted by [email protected] on March 15, 2016 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (7)

Coloring is no longer just for children anymore. According to experts, it stimulates certain motor areas of the brain in addition to providing a sense of calm and peace, similar to meditation.

Please welcome Victoria Roder, author of What if a Zebra had Triangles, as she she shares her post about coloring therapy. At the end of the post, check out the prize pack we're giving away.



Coloring Therapy For Adults

                                   By Victoria Roder


You read the title correctly. Many adults are coloring for relaxation, stress release and in some cases, coloring instead of taking costly therapy. A week ago, I heard about this latest trend. Adults are gathering, taking out their coloring books and coloring for stress release. I sure it must be awkward to initially ask your friends to drop by the house to color together.



I was a little concerned what I might find when I researched adult coloring books. But the books are legitimate, more sophisticated than a child's coloring book, mostly filled with geometric patterns. My own coloring book is a companion to my children's picture book, What If A Zebra Had Triangles? Maybe I should have the publisher add the words Adult Coloring Book and I might have a hit on my hands. Recently adult coloring books ranked in the top Ten on the Amazon best-sellers list.



Adults claim when they color, it allows their mind to relax and go blank. Coloring allows you to let go of the worry of bills, chores and work. The people in Wisconsin claim they get the same result from getting together and drinking. Coloring is a healthier choice. What's your choice of relaxation? Are you ready to try adult coloring therapy?


Would you like to know more about Victoria? Click here to visit her site.


In honor of Victoria and her book, What if a Zebra had Triangles?, we're giving away three (3) prize packs consisting of a copy of the book. a 16-count package of crayons, an apple pie-scented candle, and a plush toy lamb.




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Gingersnaps & Candy Canes

Posted by Christy on December 20, 2014 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I had the delightful task of narrating this book for audiobook format.  Gingersnaps & Candy Canes is an anthology of Christmas stories which will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, and fill your heart with nostalgia.  A most enjoyable read.

Review for Broken Promise

Posted by Gerry on December 20, 2014 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

A compelling story with some very insightful wisdom interwoven through out the book. I also enjoyed the interesting real life animal situations and the obvious caring for their welfare. I would surely recommend this read.

Review - Pearls for the Bride

Posted by Christy on December 20, 2014 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Pearls for the Bride is a touching letter to the author’s daughter. The book contains a delightful collection of real-life anecdotes along with very wise observations and tips for making a marriage work. These little “pearls” of wisdom are presented by author Laura Thomas in a delightful and enjoyable way. I laughed out loud more than once and thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. This is a must have for any new bride and the perfect wedding shower gift.

Review: Dancing With Bear: A Love Story by Lady Bear

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2011 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Dancing With Bear: A Love Story

by Marie "Lady Bear" Marler

Dancing With Bear Publishing

Dancing With Bear: A Love Story website

Rie's website

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Written by Marie "Lady Bear" Marler better known as author Rie McGaha. She is the owner and publisher of Dancing with Bear Publishing. Marie has written a beautiful love story between herself and her late husband. His name was J. Bear Marler and he was larger than life with a colorful history. Unfortunately, Bear passed away in December 2010. 

This poignant love story will touch your heart as Lady Bear shares how she met him while he was in prison. It was love at first sight and they were married. Out of prison, they became united as Christians and raised their children together while working on their own ministry. Bear was a man with a huge heart for helping people, especially bikers,children and anyone that the Lord brought into his life. A big man and a hopeless romantic; Bear embraced a gift that few have and that was empathy for his fellow man. 

Marie often helped to support the family with Bear and both believed that they were  soul mates. Bear always knew what to do to keep their love for each other alive. Good communication in all areas of their marriage made things tick. Marie is open about so many aspects of their marriage and it's helpful to all. 

I enjoyed this story very much and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles in their marriage and life. Bear and Marie are good examples of what it takes to forgive and love always through the trite expression, "thick and thin". She knows because of a sweet visit one special Christmas evening, that Bear is watching and caring for her from heaven and yes, waiting too for her to "come home". 

J. Bear and "Lady Bear" were involved in Set Free Soldiers for Christ, Gladiators for God, Angel Tree Prison Ministries, Humboldt County CA. Bikers against Child Abuse, and many other ministries. 

His memory is cherished and he will never be forgotten as a man who loved and lived big.

Review: Love's Golden Dream by Bobbie Shafer

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2011 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (7)

Love’s Golden Dream by Bobbie Shafer

457 pp

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Print bookavailable at DWB 

E-Book available on Amazon Kindle

From little rich girl to rebellious, beaten, and  poor runaway, Aimee McKay finds herself boarding a ship in San Francisco, CA. as her evil  live-in boyfriend, Marcus Alexandra threatens to find her.

She's lost everything now and has to sell the last piece of her mother's jewelry. How could she have ever loved him and run away with him? All he proved to be was a liar, thief, and abuser of women.

Aimee is withdrawn as she heads to Boston, yet her big heart decides to reach out to apoor old man, Abram Ginsberg. They spend time together drinking tea and sharing small talk.

Lucas Chase has also noticed this young beauty but believes she is married, and she’s extremely hard to talk with. He respectfully stays away from her, although he noticed Marcus shouting threats from the wharf as they set sail. 

Their ship gets caught in a hurricane and passengers must make hard choices. The gold laden ship begins to take on water, and the rich passengers begin to throw heavy items overboard. The women and children get into the few working life boats and hopes a rescue ship is nearby. To the belief of everyone, the men all went down with the sinking ship. 

Aimee arrives in Charleston where she purchases equipment to start a new life and takes off toward the east the following morning. She finds herself a few days later in Sycamore Grove. The first person she meets incognito, with the alias Mr. Mack Kaymey, is the banker, Ernest Gaines. She confides in him that she needs a new life and has the money to do it. She wants to deposit and get help finding property, and remains known as a male. She knows Marcus is relentless and is afraid he will find her if she reveals her true identity, and she is ashamed to go back to her family.

Things are going well until one day when Lucas shows up and buys the property next to hers. Amiee has a wonderful surrogate family of runaway slaves that live in the nearby woods. They help one another remain secret. Only Albert and Rose Washington know her true identity. Aimee feels threatened by Lucas, since sheknows he will recognize her. What can she do to remain friendly without being caught? Worse, she is beginning to feel somewhat attracted to him because he is genuinely nice and very handsome.

The plot thickens as Aimee finds herself struggling to keep up her charade. Things come to a headas "Mack Kaymey" falls, hitting his head and becomes helpless under the care of her friends and Lucas. They plot together to help her get her identity back. Based on gossip and talk around town, Marcus has arrived as agambler and is convinced the woman he is looking for must be nearby. He has hired a private detective and it's crucial that Aimee change something in herlife and quickly.

That's when agame called "Boomerang" comes into play. Aimee is once again under the control of other people in her life and must trust them to help.

Poor Mr. Mack Kaymey must go away and Aimee McKay return...but how?

This is a greatstory of cat and mouse. Rebellion, remorse, and repentance all intertwine inthis fast moving story of lies and deceit. Aimee gets a quick education in lifeas a young woman and you'll be looking for the next book in this series.Although I was very satisfied with the ending...I can't wait to read the nextbook!